Pilcher--7 Ranks (1938)

Brentwood United Methodist Church
Brentwood, TN



Open Diapason 8’+
Melodia 8’+
Muted Viol 8’(SW)
Flute Harmonic 4’(SW)+
Great to Great 16’
Great Separation*
Great to Great 4’


Muted Viol 8’
Salicional 8’+
Vox Celeste 8’
Reedless Oboe 8’
Melodia 8’
Flute Harmonic 4’
Swell to Swell 16’
Swell Unison Off
Swell to Swell 4’


Bourdon16’ (12 pipes; rest taken from Melodia)+
Gedeckt 16’ (12 pipes; rest taken from Muted Viol; 16’ octave used as bass to 16’Rohrflote in Reuter organ).+

*Great Separation silenced all Great stops except Chimes.
+ Used in 1972 Reuter organ when church moved to new location.

information courtesy of Charles Witherspoon, Brentwood UMC organist emeritus